A thought about the “nanny state”

Today I spent about 2 hours in the welfare office trying to get some help with health insurance and the like.  What I noticed when I was there was a severe lack of a system.  There were no clear guidelines and no one to ask if you had a question.  If you looked hard enough there were some signs that semi-explained how to do things, but there was no explicit directions.  So I spent 1.5 hours in one office just to be told when it was my turn, to go to a different office and wait.  Luckily the next office had a much shorter wait.

It seems like the system is set up for failure.  And it is really hard to get help if you are borderline like my family.  My husband is employed on a part-time basis and is looking for something else, but during this looking we are really struggling.  It doesn’t help that we have to cover our own health insurance which is more than $500 a month, and we have to pay for childcare which is more than $1000 a month.  Because I am not a single mother with a deadbeat father I have to jump through some extra hoops just to get some help for my family.  I just want to yell that in 18 months I’ll have a nursing degree and we’ll be fine, we just need a hand up through this rough time.

So, not everyone who is on welfare or is looking for some help is abusing or wants to abuse the system.  Some of us just need a little support until we can support ourselves.


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