Slum Lord…

I’m dealing with a slum lord not a mangement company.  Now, I didn’t sign on to live in these cheapo apartments thinking that I would be soaking in luxury, but I hoped that things that should work, would work.  Like my air conditioning.  I live in a hot state and it is actually against the law to not fix the ac within 24 hours, but I’m nearing 48.  They did give me a nifty little portable unit that makes a lot of noise but doesn’t really cool anything down, not to mention that you have to have a window open for the exhaust so I can’t run it at night, for safety concerns.  What sucks the most is that I’ve called them at least twice a day and they keep telling me that they are coming but they never do.  I’m not sure what my next move is, but I’ve got to have the ac working because of the kiddos.

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