I mentioned before that I feel sort of like I’ve been sucked up into a tornado and this week was great evidence of that.  I had 2 quizzes, 2 exams and 1 project all due in the space of 2 days.  Now that it is Friday afternoon I can breath a sigh of relief, and prepare myself for the 2 exams that I have next week.

In some ways it feels like I’m rushing to get something done and then when that is finished I’m rushing to the next thing.  I realize that there is a lot of information and very little time.  I also understand that balance is important, but right now I don’t feel like I have any balance.  In fact I feel a little like Alice at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.  So maybe instead of being in a tornado, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole.

The good news is that after next week we will start being able to pass meds in clinicals.  Only PO to start but I’m excited to get into the nitty gritty of it.  I also realized at clinicals last week that I LOVE nursing.  My kids felt that if I should have to get up at 5am for clinical, they should not go to sleep until about 2am, and then wake up around 4:30am.  So I was running on about 3 hours of sleep.  For me that isn’t good, because under 5 hours and I don’t function.  BUT, I was so excited to be at clinicals and actually practicing nursing that I never really felt tired, and it didn’t slow me down.  Just another confirmation that I’m on the right track.


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