How not to be a doctor- or what I’m learning in clinicals part 2

Well, I had the most interesting clinical this week as I saw a doctor verbally attack my patient.  I was in the room working with the other patient when the doc came in all blustery and full of piss and vinegar.  He basically treated my patient as though they were a child who had been bad.  I had some crazy flash-backs of my own father firing questions at me like that, questions that there really is no right answer to.

The gist was that my patient had be hospitalized previously a few months back for the same thing out of state, but the patient did not know which hospital or doctor.  The patient also did not know the full name, address and phone number of the family friend they were staying with here.  So the doctor decided this was a drug seeking scam and tore into my patient.  Asking how they could not know these things etc.  The issue is #1, the state they were hospitalized in previously is not their home state, they were just passing through and #2, there really is something wrong with them that requires treatment and pain relief.

While it could be true that the patient needed to get the information for them and that things needed to be straightened out, the way the doctor went about it didn’t win any prizes for caring or compassion.  And it isn’t as though this doctor was dealing with this patient for a long time, they had never met before.


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