Who’s your Momma?

Our clinical rotation works like this, on Monday a group of eight students is at the hospital, then on Monday when they are done our group, of seven (we lost someone already) goes in to pick up our assignments and then on Tuesday we have our clinicals.  This means that on Tuesdays, we usually have the patients that have already had student nurses the day before.  I always take advantage of this and see who had my patients so I can ask questions.

Lately, I’ve had a rash of patients that I’ve been told by the previous student were difficult, mean, non-compliant, etc.  What I’ve noticed is that for me, they don’t act that way.  Now, I’m not mean, and strict and evil, but I’m not afraid to put limits on what I’ll do and to reinforce my role in our therapeutic relationship.  Mostly I think it is because I’m a mom and I’ve heard all the excuses, so I act a bit like a mom to my patients.  I walk in, introduce myself, tell them what we are going to do and see if they have questions, then I get what needs to be done, done and I’m finished.

For the last three weeks I’ve had patients who were terrors to their student nurses the day before and angels to me the next day.  And all the patients have thanked me and told me how much they enjoyed having me care for them.  In the end I think everyone just wants their momma…

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