This is why it’s a BSN…

The class I’m talking about is Research.  Yup, a whole class dedicated to looking up, reading and interpreting interventional articles.  We had our first test today and I don’t think I did too bad, all things considered.

But this class is one of the main distinctions between a BSN program and an ADN program.  Learning about research, learning about community health, learning about management, these are all things that we have in our program that the ADN doesn’t.  These items don’t actually make us better RN’s, but they do set us up to move on to our MSN or DNP or PhD more quickly.

You see in today’s world that is the way things are going.  Soon, although I’m not sure how soon, the entry level for an RN will be a BSN.  And if you want to become a nurse practitioner you will need to have your DNP and if you want to teach you will need to have a PhD in nursing education.

I’m not here to debate the trend, but I must say that for the most part I agree with the way things are going.  RN’s do a lot of work and are an integral part of healthcare.  We should be recongized and celebrated, and not demeaned by someone saying we “just” have an ADN or whatnot.  It is also really neat to see the progression of DNP where it will stand next to MD and DO.  Just think of the possiblities!

I love education.  As much as I might complain, I really enjoy learning new things.  And knowing that when I get my BSN and my RN I can continue and get an MSN and a DNP and so on is very exciting for me.


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