Gosh, I love being a nurse…

…stories from my clinical experience.

A resident is standing at the nurses station, where there are charts strewn all about (because the residents never put them back) and asks me how he could find a chart.  I look up from the MAR I’m checking and do my best quizzical dog impression, huh?  He says “Where would I look for a chart?

Are you fucking kidding me?  I would bet that most people would be clued in by the three charts at their elbow, or the others all over the nursing station.  This guy was stumped because the charts weren’t in the rack.  I explained that we like them to be in the rack, but that if he looked around he should be able to find the chart.  My MAR checked, I went off to medicate my patient.

When I return to chart I notice that this guy is still sitting there clueless.  I ask him if he was able to find the chart, he says no.   I ask him what room he says 30 bed 1, so I go looking, then he says no, I’m sorry 31 bed 1.  It takes me all of about 5 seconds to find the chart.  When he starts to look at it he says that it is the wrong patient.  And looks at me accusingly and says “I said 33 bed 1”.

Um, excuse me?  #1 I’m helping you since you can’t seem to find your ass with both hands and a flashlight, and #2 that isn’t what you said.  So then my collegue pipes up, here’s the chart right here.  The exasperated resident says “I’ve been looking for that for 10 minutes”.

Afterward, another resident confirms that he did not give me the correct room.  And my collegue says that he couldn’t have been looking for the chart for 10 minutes because they had just been in the room together.  Hmmf!

And the second one…

I have a pt with diarrhea so bad that they have a rectal pouch.  And yet I return to the nursing station to see new orders for colace.  From the residents of course, who haven’t even seen the patient.  WTF?


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