Don’t put off until tomorrow…

…what you can do today!  Like writing a book.  Researching the writing of said book.  Learning Spanish and Japanese.  Cooking elaborate, healthy meals for my family.  Reading all kinds of books.  Playing on Facebook.  Wow, I’m just a master of productivity.

Can you tell that finals start in less than two weeks?  I’ve got this ferverent need to do something other than study.  And trust me, I need to study.  But I am happy that this semester is almost over.


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Gosh, I love being a nurse…

…stories from my clinical experience.

A resident is standing at the nurses station, where there are charts strewn all about (because the residents never put them back) and asks me how he could find a chart.  I look up from the MAR I’m checking and do my best quizzical dog impression, huh?  He says “Where would I look for a chart?

Are you fucking kidding me?  I would bet that most people would be clued in by the three charts at their elbow, or the others all over the nursing station.  This guy was stumped because the charts weren’t in the rack.  I explained that we like them to be in the rack, but that if he looked around he should be able to find the chart.  My MAR checked, I went off to medicate my patient.

When I return to chart I notice that this guy is still sitting there clueless.  I ask him if he was able to find the chart, he says no.   I ask him what room he says 30 bed 1, so I go looking, then he says no, I’m sorry 31 bed 1.  It takes me all of about 5 seconds to find the chart.  When he starts to look at it he says that it is the wrong patient.  And looks at me accusingly and says “I said 33 bed 1”.

Um, excuse me?  #1 I’m helping you since you can’t seem to find your ass with both hands and a flashlight, and #2 that isn’t what you said.  So then my collegue pipes up, here’s the chart right here.  The exasperated resident says “I’ve been looking for that for 10 minutes”.

Afterward, another resident confirms that he did not give me the correct room.  And my collegue says that he couldn’t have been looking for the chart for 10 minutes because they had just been in the room together.  Hmmf!

And the second one…

I have a pt with diarrhea so bad that they have a rectal pouch.  And yet I return to the nursing station to see new orders for colace.  From the residents of course, who haven’t even seen the patient.  WTF?


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Another new semester

I’m staring another new semester.  I’m excited and apprehensive all at once.  This is the time where I may start to fall off the wagon and start letting things slide, or I may buck up and do what needs to get done.

The biggest issue is that this program doesn’t have any breaks really and burnout looms in my mind.  On the other hand, I’m halfway through and the end is very near.  In fact, I need to go pick up my graduation packet.

We keep losing people in the program, last semester we lost 15 people total, 3 of those out of the program entirely.  I just keep keeping on and hoping I can put it all together.  But the truth is that we are 3 weeks into the semester and I have yet to open a book.  I guess I need to get cracking!


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Spring Break!

Yup, it’s that time of year again, when I get to be crazy and topless at bars in Mexico…wait, that’s not me!  I have kids and a husband and no extra time or money to go to Mexico.  Instead I’m thinking up creative ways to still study while not have the kids go stir crazy in the house.  We will be travelling to visit family for Easter, but they aren’t that far away.

On a happy note, I have some things in the works for this blog coming up.  I’m thinking about having Medicine Mondays or something like that where I get to share everything I know (which is by no means definitive) on different drugs.  I’m hoping this will help me as well.  And maybe Wacky Wednesdays where I share the strangest thing that has happened to me that week.  I dunno, I’m still working on it.


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So, so tired…

I feel a strong need to whine coming on.  I’m just so tired.  I’m almost falling down with it, falling asleep in class with it.  There is always some reason that I don’t get to bed at a decent hour.  Recently it has been my bittiest  teething, and therefore fussing all night.  Plus, I have to do all this studying so that I pass my classes and such.

But then tonight, I really got to enjoy being a mom because the bittiest vomited all over me.  Not once, not twice, but three times.  The joy of this is that she doesn’t really give any warning.  With my oldest his lips always turn pale white before he deposits the contents of his stomach all over me, but with the bitty, no such luck. 

I’m still undecided on whether she should go to preschool tomorrow or not.  She has no other signs or symptoms and is currently sleeping peacefully.  I have some stuff that needs to get turned in and then I have to go to the hospital to pick up my clinical assignment, for my loverly clinicals tomorrow, yay!  And that won’t go over well if I take the bitty with me.  I guess I’ll just play it by ear.


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Um, excuse me?

What on God’s green earth was this lady thinking?  Um, I already have six children but that isn’t enough for me, I need to use fertility treatments to have more, and then I think I’ll jeapordize my health and their health and the sanity of all around me and when it is found that there are 8 babies I will not reduce them.  That sounds like a dandy fine plan to me.  Have fun with your 14 kids lady.

Oh yeah, poop on the head of the Dr. who was treating her too, that Dr. should’ve known better!


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Does anyone else see a problem?

School starts on Monday 1/12, and we already have assignments to read for then. BUT financial aid checks are also being mailed out on Monday 1/12. So can someone explain to me how I’m supposed to pay for these books that I need to have the reading done in time for the first day of classes?

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Kind of an anti-Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving this year was a bit of a bummer.  Sure, we are living in a small apartment to save $$ while I’m in school and all that, but I could have cooked.  Instead my IL’s thought going out to eat would be a good idea.  I’m all for not having to clean, but eating some weird turkeyloaf type thing that has both dark and white meat at 2pm is not my idea of a good Thanksgiving.  But what made it worse was my own parents couldn’t bother to give me a call to wish me or their grandchildren a Happy Thanksgiving.  I even called first and left a message.  AND my Aunt, who lives in the same town I do, called last week to tell me that my grandma would be in town, but hasn’t returned my calls this week so that I could go see them.  So, it was a fairly unThanksgivingy Thanksgiving.

On a positive note, although I still believe my Pharm teacher is random, I got an 85% on the last test.  If I can keep that up, passing will not be a problem 🙂  Off to study now that the bittiest is napping.


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I’m really frustrated with my pharmacology class.  It seems like no matter how hard I study, or what I study, it isn’t what she tests on.  Luckily, I’m not the only one who is having an issue with it, unluckily we still need to get a 75% to pass the class, and if we don’t pass we are totally SOL on the program.  I feel like the professor just picks random shit and puts it on the test, stuff that was never covered in lecture, or on the outlines or anything.  Or the professor picks something that works for many drugs, like nausea being a side effect.  Ack, I’m doing so well in all my other classes and this is just really frustrating me!


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How not to be a nurse…or what I’m learning in clinicals

We’ve been in clinicals for about 10 weeks now and I’m getting a pretty good feel for the nurses that we work with.  Unfortunately, many of them don’t really care to help us learn.  Now, these are the actual floor nurses, when I’ve gone with my patient for procedures in other parts of the hospital the other nurses have been thrilled to teach us and to have us get hands on with stuff.  That is one of the reasons I’m thankful that my clinicals are in a teaching hospital.

Even though the med-surg floor nurses aren’t jumping out of their skin trying to give us skills (here, why don’t you do an enema), we are definately learning stuff from them.  Primarily, how not to be a nurse.  There is the nurse who can almost never be found.  It seems as though this nurse comes on shift, gets report and then disappears.  I can spend my whole shift (6 hours) and see this nurse only once.  Then there is the nurse who feels that my duties as a student nurse are only those of the CNA and tells me only to give bed baths, change linen and that kind of thing.  While I have no problem doing those things, I’m not going to nursing school to learn CNA skills, so if there is something I haven’t seen or done, I’d like to do that instead.  This is the same nurse who doesn’t like the charting we are doing and prefers for us just to study her charting because it is more in depth.  Although I understand her point, she is essentially double charting because she is rewriting the assessment in the nursing notes, even though there is a flowchart for it.  But my all time favorite nurse is the one who can fill out all the assessment flowcharts before even seeing a patient.  The psychic abilities with this one are amazing! “The LOL in 25 bed 2 is breathing fine and her IV site has no redness or swelling” This was brought home when my LOM who had a small bowel obstruction was listed as having been eating a regular diet with normal BM’s.  The whole reason LOM came in was because of inability to eat.  Argh!

At the other clinical site some collegues told me of the CNA who managed to give 8 patients a bed bath in 5 minutes.  And while one student was in the room with the patient by herself, the nurse psychically assessed the patient, because the assessment was in the chart when she came out of the room.

My clinical instructor totally rocks though because she isn’t afraid for us to do anything.  If our patient needs it (or any patient on the floor for that matter) she will go with us and let us actually learn stuff.  And the other nurses/techs/doctors in the hospital have gone out of their way to show us stuff and explain things to us.  I’ve got to say that I’m loving every minute of it!  And next semester I get 2 days of clinicals!!!


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