The fat lady has sung!

Yup, it is over and I’m done!  Flo is officially a BSN.  I also won some awards at graduation, yay me!  This last semester was so busy I didn’t have a change to blog at all.  But now, I should be back and blogging about taking the NCLEX and then trying to find a job.  I’m so glad that school is over and I’m on to the next phase of my life.

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Let’s talk about sex bay-bee!

Am I dating myself by the name of my post?  Am I the only one for whom it conjures up images of Salt ‘n Pepa?  Our nursing class is starting to bond together, even though we’ve already lost 2 maybe 3 students (its week six).  I’ve noticed that our clinical groups seem to be bonding closer, most likely because of the fact that we are together for 5 days a week, not 4 or 3.

One of the things that I noticed about my clinical group is that we talk about sex.  A lot.  I’m not a prude, furthest from it in fact.  Ever heard the Everclear song “Volvo driving soccer mom”?  Quite a bit of it sounds like a biography.  But I digress (I’m thinking I should rename the blog “but I digress”).  I believe I’m the oldest person in my class itself, and I’m positively the oldest person in my clinical group, but in a way they make me feel young again.  We are sharing personal stories and anecdotes, as well as advice.  I’ve got over 10 years on most of them, but that doesn’t seem to matter when we are all hanging out.

It is interesting to me that we talk about sex all the time though.  I’m wondering if the fact that they didn’t meet me as a wife and mother makes it easier for me to be honest about my life and easier for them to believe I am a sexual being.  Some of our conversations would make a hooker blush.  I think this might be our form of morgue humor.  We are under so much stress that we release it by being silly and talking about sex.


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